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  1. About the project

    This project comes from my heart. And it is created for other hearts, who are awakening. Who are feeling the call for discovering the truths and mysteries of life and universe. Who are looking for the answers on the profound and significant questions about life. For the ones, who want to live in flow, joy, harmony and peace, despite the pain and glory of life. For the people, who carry beautiful and crazy dreams in their hearts and wish them to become reality.


    It is created for the ones, who have noticed that the most important things in life aren't learned into average schools and not necessary into family, social circle or mass media. The project is meant for the ones, who are ready to open the mind and go outside the borders of their existing world-view. For the ones who have recognized that there is so much more into life, than they know now. For the people, who have been touched by the "magic" of life in form of perfect coincidences, miracles, guidance of intuition, splashes of truth or somehow else. For the ones who are ready to dive into the discover themselves and the World...


    To be more concrete, this project is dedicated for sharing knowledge and practical experience about basic spiritual principles, which govern life in the universe and influence our daily life. In our universe there exist many laws of nature and some of them are discovered and known by scientists (laws of physics, chemistry, astronomy, etc.). But in our world there operate also more subtle laws - the universal or spiritual laws, for example, the Law of Divine Oneness, the Law of Attraction, the Law of Polarity, etc. These laws explain the basic principles, how life works and form like a spiritual ABC.


    These laws are of universal nature and don't belong to any religion or a concrete spiritual tradition or way. Nevertheless they apply to everybody and everything like other laws of nature. Like the laws of physics, chemistry or astronomy, the universal laws lie in the nature of the universe and don't come from a specific author or group of people. They were created together with the universe by the Universal Consciousness (called also God, the Absolute, Spirit,...) and have been passed through generations through various spiritual teachers.

    About the author

    I am a spiritual seeker, who was blessed with spontaneous spiritual revelations, which gave me an insight into the universal laws. These revelations opened my heart, turned my world upside down and inspired me to look for deep understanding of who I am and how life actually functions. Since the revelations at 2011, I have been looking for universal truths and have found many answers within the universal spiritual laws.

    Through this project I wish to share the knowledge and practical experience connected to the universal laws and inspire your heart and mind for discovering the beauty of the magic Mystery in which we are living. I hope that the discovering of the universal laws will bring into your personal life the positive life changing effects it has brought to me.

    From heart to heart,
    Riga, Latvia (Europe)


    P.s. If you feel touched by the project and wish to let it rise & shine, you are warmly invited to make a donation. It will help to keep the project running and to deliver to you new inspiring information about the universal laws for your spiritual development. (To be more concrete - your donation will allow to pay for website and domain hosting, to expand the website with new information about other important universal laws, to pay for text editing and to make an e-book in various formats for use in e-book readers on various devices).

  2. Additional information about the project

    Site content 

    The information on this website is based on my studies of universal laws and various practical tests, experiments and life experience connected to the spiritual laws and spiritual revelations about the universal laws, which came to me at 2011. (You can read about them in the article the Law of Divine Oneness / "spontaneous spiritual revelations"). 

    In my articles I unite personal life experience with the information from various sources, which correspond to my experience and spiritual revelations and resonate as true with my Higher Self. When I have used information from other authors, I have expressed the information in my words and noticed the authors at the end of the articles (under "used information").

    Some of the authors, whose works resonate with me and have been used in my articles are hermetic teachings of Hermes Trismegistus from Ancient Egypt (like presented in "The Kybalion"), ancient Yoga tradition (like presented through Yogi Ramacharaka), teachings of Theosophy and Agni Yoga, teachings of Jeshua, writings of Eugene Fersen, works of modern authors like Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Abraham Hicks and others. (Check the menu section "recommended" for other sources and "used information" under each article.) 



    The project is made following inspired action from my heart. It is financed through private resources and donations. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me through uspirituallaws / at /