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  1. Sharing experience through personal consultations

    If you wish a deeper understanding of the universal laws and help in harmonious integration of them into life, I'm open to share my experience through personal intuitive consultations. So if you have questions about the following topics, I offer you personal guidance:


    • how to apply the spiritual laws in life 
    • how to apply the Law of Attraction successfully
    • how to listen to and live from your heart
    • plus other personal questions, which you may have.
  2. Who is giving the consultation?

    The founder and creator at Universal spiritual laws - Elina - me. I am a spiritual seeker, who was blessed with spontaneous revelations, which showed me some of the most important truths about life. These revelations opened my heart, turned my world upside down and inspired me to look for deep understanding of who I am and how life actually functions. So I spent about 8 years in further spiritual searches, practical experiments, adventures and challenges to harmoniously integrate the revealed truths into practical daily life.


    During my journey I received also repeating impulses to share my knowledge and experience with other people, who are awakening to the truths of life and need guidance in this wonderful, but sometimes confusing Mystery. That's why I initiated this project and why I am offering personal intuitive guidance for individuals, who wish to discover universal spiritual truths not depending on any religion or spiritual tradition, but through their own heart, inner wisdom and practical life experience.

    Shall I write more about myself ? Well, if you have explored the site, you are already quite familiar with me. Then you have seen, if there is resonance in your heart with the information and experience I am sharing, and if you could use my guidance. Besides, I would recommend you to trust your intuition, your feelings. If we should meet for a consultation, you will simply feel it. :)

  3. What about the costs?

    The consultations are offered for donations. After the consultation you can feel with your heart, what you have really gained and make a payment according to your feelings. For the donation you can use the donation button (see below), which works through Paypal.

  4. Where does the consultation happen and how to book a session?

    Consultations are possible via skype or live (in Riga, LV) and in these languages: EN, LV, DE. If you wish to book a session or have any questions, please send me a message with the topics you are interested in and 2 options of your preferred time to uspirituallaws / at /

    Love & Light